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Hi! I'm Stace and I am so happy you’re here.

Welcome to a safe place with no judgement. A place of connection, freedom and healing. I am here to guide you to explore who you really are. To unveil your worth and purpose. To feel at home within your true self.

I am passionate about serving women that know there is more to life. The women that know there is more to life than just being defined as the titles of ‘mother’, ‘caregiver’, ‘wife’ or ‘partner’. That there is more fulfilment, happiness and meaningful purpose than they are currently experiencing.

I hold a safe, warm and sacred space for you to unravel and be vulnerable. To be you, unapologetically and authentically you. To release any guilt or shame that is weighing you down. By voicing the thoughts you feel you’re not allowed to feel or expected to feel. Let me show you that you are not alone.

I know you are a go-getter, ambitious and a busy woman. A power-house that is not used to resting or slowing down. I see you spinning all of the plates and wearing all of the hats. I know that you feel guilty even being here and prioritising yourself. However, I am here to support you. I am here to empower you. I am here to guide you to live a life being who you really are.

Can you imagine the ‘you’ that you will be?

Welcome, beautiful soul

Have you spent a lifetime thinking you need to please people in order to be loved, wanted, or appreciated? 

Are you tired of being burnt out all the time?  Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed from doing ‘all of the things’? Do you have a to-do list that seems never ending? 

Access my free resource here and start setting your boundaries.

It starts with saying no

"When I started with Stacey, I felt stuck, lost, unmotivated and often felt like I wasn't living my best life. I felt out of alignment in my day to day as well as purpose in life. By the end of the first session, I already had gained more clarity in my life. Stacey was empowering, curious, committed and appropriately challenged me right when I needed it.

Through Stacey's coaching, I understood myself on a deeper level, This new awareness has enabled me to align my outer and inner worlds and grow in various areas of my life that I did not predict would happen in such a short time! I now try to be less perfect/imperfect and just DO things I want to do. It has also manifested in a way that helps me live how I feel and not let expectations get in the way."

Chrystal - Three Months 1:1 Coaching

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Stacey for a zoom event I held for World Prematurity Day in November 2021. I approached Stacey to join me as a guest speaker as a result of my observations of her warmth, sass, unique and highly inspirational journey. 

To put it simply, Stacey brought her ‘A Game’. She displayed knowledge, understanding, preparation, rawness, relatability, vulnerability and the utmost professionalism.

I highly recommend Stacey as a speaker as she will be an absolute asset to any event and I can’t wait for the opportunity to work alongside her again."

Ashley - Guest Speaker Collab

"I found the spark that made me feel ALIVE instead of just existing. Before coaching with Stacey, I felt like I was boring, and all that I did in my life was work and domestic duties. I feared at my funeral there would be nothing more to say than I was ‘kind, worked hard and had a clean house’. I was unfulfilled and yearned for something more.

Within my three months of coaching, I have made so many big changes in my life. I would have to say the biggest one would be setting boundaries, particularly with work. I am more focused and productive at work and less resentful about my job. I have made time to be spontaneous, creative, present, guilt-free relaxing, meaningful with my loved ones and having fun and adventures with my family!"

Emily - Three Months 1:1 Coaching

"Having Tarot reading done by Stacey was amazing!

It answered questions I didn’t realise I was thinking of as well as my conscious questions. She took her time in expressing what was coming through, and was also physically feeling the emotions from the reading. She explained and answered every question without hesitation! She was so calm and warm, making it such a comfortable and amazing experience!

I would highly recommend Stacey for a tarot reading!"

Tanya - Tarot Reading

"Stacey was great at holding space and gently digging deep into what is under the surface to find out what truly wants to be said.

In my coaching series, I felt supported, heard and encouraged. During my journey with Stacey, I have made more time to be adventurous, creative, and have more fun in life!

My work/life balance is so much more balanced now. So many friends and loved ones have said that my energy is lighter, and I am so much happier. Thank you for being an amazing coach and cheerleader for me on my journey!"

Claire - Three Months 1:1 Coaching

"I had a 15 min distance reiki session with Stacey, and felt a wash of calmness and acceptance over me that has stayed with me since. Even after such a short time.

The most profound part of the experience for me were her words afterwards - without knowing much about me, the things Stacey was called to pass on were so spot on and deeper than what I initially reached out to her about, but made so much sense.

I can’t wait to work more regularly with her - her intuition and manner are really special and exactly what I needed!"

Marissa - Reiki Session

1:1 Coaching Journey

Together, we will unravel your true desires, soul purpose and authentic expression. As we go on your journey of freedom, love and connection, we will heal, we will laugh, and we will play. But most of all, we will get closer to the life you want to create. The life that you want to live, love and breathe.

Honour yourself to take the time to become (or rediscover) who you really are. Embody your dream life. Come with an open-mind and a loving heart and let’s dive deeper into your inner knowing. And together, we will create magic, that I know you have within.

I invite you to acknowledge yourself for the superwoman you are, and that it is not weakness to ask for support. I am your number one cheerleader and devoted guide.
And I am telling you now, that you are WORTHY. You are worthy to be a priority to be light, free and content.

Reiki Healing

I invite you to explore the divine ancient healing technique, Reiki.

Reiki will help you find balance and harmony with your mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing and can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Time to reach out?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you juggling all the balls and afraid of what might happen if you drop one? Do you not feel worthy to ask for help?

Do you feel like you’re not enough and can’t prioritise your happiness? I see you. And you are not alone. I am here to help you.

I invite you to a 15-min free no obligation call to help breakthrough the overwhelm

What you may experience:

- Relief
- Inspiration
- Reduced stress and anxiety
- Empowered
- Supported
- Transformation and transition

I encourage you to join Healing, Connection & Freedom - my FB Community Group, if you want to be in a safe, non-judgemental space with similar minded souls.

Figuring out how to navigate life when you're on your own can be challenging. 

Healing, Connection & Freedom

Join a heart-led journey

May we connect and share love notes. I will send you reminders that you are worthy, loveable, deserving and enough.
This is a safe space with no obligation. I can’t wait to embark on this self-discovery journey together.